Alumni Spotlight: Ruhani Sharma

Stories That Shaped Us: New Perspectives in London

Ruhani Sharma studied abroad with ISA in London, England Summer 2019 and is an alumnae of Purdue University Northwest. Ruhani shares her fascination with exploring and experiencing a different way of life. We reached out to Ruhani to learn more about the stories that have shaped her!

What inspired you to study abroad and why did you choose London?
I have always been very fascinated by the idea of studying in a different country, and soaking up the culture, traditions and daily life. Also, being able to experience a different school system and how people live compared to the United States. 

What did you learn about yourself through this experience?
My study abroad experience has helped me learn new perspectives from a different side of the world. Living in a bustling city like London and doing day-to-day activities surrounded by locals makes you see the world from an entirely new perspective. I was always very nervous and get anxious being by myself in a big city, but this experience has opened my eyes. Now, I feel much more confident and socially engaged. 

Tell us about your current job! What does your day-to-day look like?
Currently, I work as a Corporate Banker at a Community Bank, specifically in the Community Development/Compliance Department. I work very closely with local organizations and nonprofits for sponsorships and donations.  

Did study abroad influence your career goals? If so, how?
My career goal has always been to give back to my community and I believe being in my current role has definitely opened up more doors for me. In the future, I want to work with a company that has global economic and community development, and to be able to help others.

Do you see yourself going abroad again? If so, how?
I would absolutely be thrilled to get the opportunity to study abroad again! I plan to go back to school in the near future and I will undoubtedly be looking into study abroad options. 

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