Former Bloggers

Want to check out ISA Featured Bloggers from the past? Find the lists of former Bloggers in the “Featured“, “Photo“, and “Video” pages.

girl reading book at book fair in paris


All ISA students are encouraged to apply to be ISA Featured Bloggers. Featured Bloggers are asked to submit regular blog posts from their host country, sharing stories, photos, tips, and insights with those back home. Featured Bloggers help prospective students get an inside view of what life is like as an ISA participant so they can make an informed decision about which study abroad location best suits their academic and personal goals.

girl taking photo in mirror at st andrews cathedral glasgow


ISA students studying abroad who have a photography background are encouraged to apply to be ISA Featured Photo Bloggers. Featured Photo Bloggers submit regular photo blog posts from their travels that highlight the culture, landscape and adventures while studying abroad. Featured Photo Bloggers showcase the interesting and unique aspects of their host country by sharing photos that tell a story while capturing one-of-a-kind shots. Featured Photo bloggers help paint the picture of what life is like studying abroad.


ISA students familiar with video production are encouraged to apply to be ISA Featured Video Bloggers while abroad. Featured Video Bloggers are asked to complete various video blogs and other video projects throughout their term abroad to help capture their personal study abroad experience on film. These video projects will be shared on the ISA Student Blog as well as other social media and ISA promotional outlets to help give future study abroad students a better idea of what the experience is like.

Email the ISA Blog Team at if interested in becoming an ISA Featured Blogger!