Must-Try Coffee Shops in Seoul

In South Korea, you can find a coffee shop on every corner. They have popular chain cafes such as The Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Ediya, and Holly’s Coffee. These places are always packed with college students studying and spending time with their friends. But the cafes that make Seoul stand out the most are their themed cafes. These cafes can range from fandom-based to animal cafes.

1. Tape

One of the most interesting cafes I have tried is a place called “Tape”. It is located in Itaewon which is the main hub for interesting coffee shops. Tape has a retro vibe due to the number of music tapes around the room. But what makes the cafe so interesting is its cakes. Their cakes are styled like a galaxy. Their amazing cake designs are what bring the customers back for more.

Slice of cake decorated like a galaxy, on a metal tray
This cake was out of this world!

2. Thanks Nature Cafe

Another popular theme is animal cafes! Animal cafes can be found all over South Korea but most are in the Hongdae area. One of the most popular animal cafes is “Thanks Nature Cafe”. At this cafe, they serve some of the best waffles you would ever have.

Girl wearing mask, sitting at table with waffle covered in ice cream and berries, and green tea latte in a mug
I love going here just for the amazing waffles!

But the main reason people go is for the adorable sheep that roam around outside and sometimes inside the store itself. You can enjoy a latte and waffle inside the beautiful shop and then go outside to pet the cute sheep. They also rotate the sheep so the ones you meet the first time may be different from the ones you meet your second time going!

Two small sheep sitting on ground inside of cafe
These sheep are so adorable!

3. Nuldam

Lastly, rooftop cafes are very popular! My favorite one is called “Nuldam”, which is also located in Itaewon. Not only do they serve amazing coffee and teas but they have a special twist to them. You can purchase a letter pack and send a letter to yourself in the future. They give you a postcard and envelope and you can write yourself a letter. You are then able to melt some wax and seal your envelope. The cafe will send you your letter to the address you provide within a few months to a year. Plus you can get an amazing view of Seoul Tower while writing your letter!

Iced green tea latte in foreground, with seoul tower in the background
This view was breathtaking!

There are so many cool coffee shops around Seoul. There is no way you would be able to see them all in one trip. These are just a few locations that are on top of my recommendation list! So even if you enjoy coffee or not, there is a location for you!

Erin King is a student at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville. She is an ISA Featured Photo Blogger and is studying abroad with ISA in Seoul, South Korea.

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