Study Abroad: A Great Career Move

Haley Neuhausen is a student at Saint Leo University. She is an ISA Featured Blogger and studied abroad with ISA in in Prague, Czech Republic.

Like most college students, I have no idea what I do with my future. There are so many different paths to take but yet I can’t seem to decide what to do. But because of studying abroad, I’m in such a great position, with the whole world at my fingertips. Here are a few reasons why:

  • I have become more hire-able. In the semester I have spent abroad, I have gained numerous skills that will make me more marketable compared to others. I have learned an understanding of a language and culture of the Czech people. There is nothing more nerve-wracking than trying to blend in with a people who have a different background. To companies, it shows a global awareness that they want for their business.
  • It opens you up to world issues. Some students get stuck in their own ways and views and tend to forget that there is a whole world out there that needs to be seen and understood. Before I came abroad, I was a culprit of this. I knew a lot about the US’s news and events but nothing beyond this. I just wasn’t exposed to it. While I’m in the Czech Republic, I have learned so much about the nation and the rest of the European countries as well.
  • I grew as a person. Most who know me would say I’m a person who likes plans and routines. This semester took me far out of my comfort zone. I decided that I would study in a country where I knew very little about their people, culture, history, or language. It’s given me a lot to think about, regarding my own lifestyle in America.

With these things in mind, I have made myself extremely attractive to potential employers. In today’s world, most successful companies operate on a global level. They want to employ people who have a global perspective. After this semester, it has also helped me to start to realize what I might want to do. There are opportunities outside the traditional 9-5 desk job.

Studying abroad will ultimately be a great career choice for anyone, whether you have a plan or not for your future. This choice will develop you as a global person who is not afraid to get out of your comfort zone. It would make you a great employee, and that’s what employers look for in their company.



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