Current Photo Bloggers

Laura Constantinescu
Western Washington University
Barcelona, Spain
| Internship

My name is Laura, and my individuality stems from two distinct worlds: bridging the gap between my American roots and Romanian heritage. Born to immigrant parents, I have been fortunate to inherit the cultural attributes of my family while embracing the opportunities that come with my American upbringing. A unique fact about me is I love racket sports because they have allowed me to develop agility, strategy, and teamwork, keys to creating successful relationships.

Makenzie Rashford
Arizona State University
London, England

Hi! My name is Makenzie, and I’m a fourth-year student studying at the University of Westminster. Pursuing degrees in art education and psychology, my post-baccalaureate dream is to become an art therapist. Beyond the books, you’ll find me outdoors or exploring some sort of creative outlet—bonus points if it involves a paint brush. I am looking forward to blending my passions for photography and academia in a new city!

Paola Medina
Seattle University
Florence, Italy

Hello, my name is Paola. I am from Seattle, Washington, and currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I was really nervous to be abroad, as this would be my first time away from home, but my time here has been amazing. I have gotten to travel to so many new places, meet new people, eat new foods, and learn about different cultures. Some fun facts about me are that I have a passion for going to the gym, my favorite food is chicken, and I love doing crossword puzzles.