Current Video Bloggers

Brooklyn McCooey
Liberty University
Rome, Italy

Hello, my name is Brooklyn McCooey, and I am a junior at Liberty University. I live in Wyoming and I have been traveling to different parts of the world since I was a kid! I love art, reading, the gym, music, and making videos. I am currently studying abroad at The American University of Rome and loving Italian culture. While I am abroad, I want to connect with other people from different background and cultures and learn how to navigate different countries on my own and with my friends. I am looking forward to documenting all of it!

Savanna St. John
University of Memphis
Dublin, Ireland | Internship

Savanna is a student from University of Memphis studying health sciences and biology. She is currently interning abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Just a girl from Tennessee, she dreamed of traveling the world. This was the perfect opportunity. Quickly adapting to new surroundings, she thrived with the chance. She desired to grow independent, and open-minded. She appreciates the beauty of nature, the simple things in life, and the thrill that experiencing something new brings. Savoring the chance to learn new cultures and meet people from all walks of life, she ran with this opportunity and made the best of every second.