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Glory Perry
Featured Video Blogger
University of Tennessee Knoxville

Rome, Italy

Hi! My name is Glory Perry. I will be a Junior at The University of Tennessee this fall. My major is in Marketing with a minor in Public Relations/Advertisement. For the rest of this summer, I will be studying at The American University of Rome! My favorite things to do are spending time with friends and family, shopping, reading, and of course, traveling. A passion of mine is documenting my adventures and sharing them with others. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share this journey with you!

Raquel Perry
Featured Video Blogger
Florida Atlantic University

Seville, Spain

My name is Raquel. I am a junior Psychology major and Dance minor at Florida Atlantic University. I was born in New York, but I currently live in Orlando, Florida. I am a poet and dancer. I most recently became a published author in 2020. I love the arts, and everything related to art culture. I am mostly interested in dance, theatre, and spoken word poetry. I chose to study abroad because of my interest in different cultures. I hope to gain a wider perspective on the human experience. Since I am hoping to pursue psychology, I believe that studying abroad will allow me to understand and appreciate cross-cultural behavioral differences. This is something I know I can take with me forever from this experience.