Exploring Italian Cuisine


Pizza is perhaps the most common Italian dish as it has been modified and incorporated into hundreds of different cultures and countries. Since Italy is known for its pizza, this was the first dish I had to try. This pizza was found in a restaurant in a city called Sirmione a few hours outside of Milan. Erica’s Pizzeria is known for their large yet extremely thin pizzas and they did not disappoint.

two pizzas in eric's pizzeria sirmione
Margherita Pizza


Although sandwiches can be found anywhere, sandwiches in Italy are made to impress with fresh vegetables, cheese, and meats along with many of their most popular ingredients. My favorite sandwich has been the Caprese which is composed of fresh mozzarella, ripe red tomatoes, and green spinach. It is a simple meal that will still amaze you every time. The best place to get the Caprese in Milan is the Cafe De Amicis, a local cafe near the Universita Cattolica. Cafe De Amicis specializes in hot and cold sandwiches that are perfect for a quick but filling lunch.

a sandwich and capuccino at cafe de amics
Caprese Sandwich and Caramel Cappucinno


As a avid coffee drinker, I was ecstatic to try all the fresh, new coffee types here in Italy. I quickly realized coffee is not served the way I am familiar with, but after several tries I quickly adapted and learned to appreciate the Italian’s love of strong coffee. Espresso is the most popular drink here and I have been busy trying as many variations of it as I can! My favorite was found in a small restaurant called ‘Square Foods‘ by the Duomo in Milan.

espresso at square foods milan
Cappuccino and mocha latte at the Duomo, Milan

Sydney O’Rourke is a student at Eastern Illinois University and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She is studying with ISA in Milan, Italy.

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