A Day in the Life of a Medellín Student

Medellín is a populous city with a million things to do. It’s safe to say that you’ll never have to worry about being bored! I have been in Medellín for a month and can honestly say that every day has been different. However, the outline of my day has been pretty constant. Here’s what a typical daily routine looks like for me:


Every morning I wake up and have a traditional Colombian breakfast prepared by my host mom. Most days I have class after breakfast, so I say goodbye and venture off to school. After class, I walk home and decide how I’d like to spend the rest of my day. My walk home is surrounded by scenery I’d only dreamed of.

The vibrant plants brighten up my day and give me a sense of tranquility


My favorite part of the day: lunch. The possibilities are endless when it comes to cuisine here, but there’s one restaurant I can’t stay away from. Crepes & Waffles is a chain that employs single women and women in need of jobs, such as single moms. The employees are as phenomenal as the food.

Enjoying some dessert at Crepes & Waffles

Following lunch, I usually spend time with friends or walk around and explore. I like to go to new places to socialize and practice my Spanish. The public transportation system is extraordinary, making it easy to get wherever I want to go. My personal favorite mode of transportation is metro because for a small fee, you can travel to the other side of the city in a matter of minutes. Plus, the view before entering the metro station is pretty impressive.

Before catching the metro at the Ayurá station


I end my day by sitting down and having dinner with my host family. This is the perfect time to practice my Spanish. After dinner, I do my homework and think about what I might want to do tomorrow. Each day is unique and eventful.

Kaitlyn Miller is a student at University of Wisconsin – Parkside and an ISA Photo Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA in Medellín, Colombia.

The world awaits…discover it.

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  1. I lived in Chile, but didn’t get a chance to visit Colombia while in South America. What foods are in a typical Colombian breakfast? What are your favorite dinners? Looks like the fruit is delicious! Gracias, Rebecca

    1. Typically I have egg, sausage, toast, and juice! My favorite dinners are traditional Colombian meals Mondongo (the stomach of a cow) and the Bandeja Paisa (a variety of foods famous in Medellín). I highly recommend a trip here to try the local cuisine!

      1. Interesting, we eat at a Venezuelan restaurant here in Madison that serves Bandejita Paisa! I bet Mondongo is good if it is prepared well. Thanks for the culinary tour. -Rebecca

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