The Pasta-bilities Are Endless In Italy

Vianna Valente is a student at the University of Delaware and is an ISA Featured Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA in Florence, Italy.

I am a foodie and I am proud of it. Living in a foodie’s paradise, I could not wait to photograph every single bite. One of the first concepts people think of when they hear of Italy is the fresh authentic foods. Food is a great way to learn about a country’s culture. Having no prior knowledge of the Italian language or mannerisms, experiencing local restaurants and hidden gems have taught me a lot about their way of life. At home, going out to eat usually consists of sitting down, eating, and leaving within an hour or two to run to the next event planned for the day. In Italy, going out to eat is having an evening out. Each worker you come across in the restaurant truly wants you to appreciate your experience and savor every bite while enjoying the atmosphere. Here are some snippets of my favorite bites I’ve experienced so far!

Delicious gnocchi dumplings with mussels in the breathtaking town of Capri.

Pesto pasta: Known for their pesto, a classic pasta dish from Cafe Roma in Levanto, Cinque Terre.

Calamari: Made before your eyes according to individual orders, this combination of fresh calamari and an unforgettable sunset is worth every cent.

Is it fate or luck that my favorite pizza restaurant, Pizza Napoli, is right down the street? I mean, who doesn’t love being surprised with heart-shaped pizzas?

Last but definitely not least, creamy gelato can be found on every corner. The list of flavors is endless, leaving you wanting to taste every single one of them!

For more yummy plates and places to eat, check out my food Instagram @glazed_in_america! Happy eating!


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