Top 3 Outstanding Characteristics of Medellín, Colombia


This beautiful mountainscape can be seen from Medellín’s Metrocable.

There are innumerable reasons as to why Medellín is such an outstanding city, but these three elements are some of the most prominent:

1. The Breath Taking Scenery and Environment

My first impression of Medellín was it’s gorgeous green mountainscape. As we began our descent to the Medellín airport, I took it all in with amazement. The city itself is at an elevation of 4,905 feet (1,495 meters), but the mountains surrounding it tower even higher. The Medellín area offers stunning views of the green mountains and/or metropolitan areas and towers. The city’s modern urban environment combined with its backdrop of magnificent green mountains is certainly enough to take your breath away.

As we made our descent to Medellín, all I could see for miles was the gorgeous green mountains!

The comfortable climate of Medellín is also worth noting. When we stepped out of the airport, an amiable springtime air refreshed us. Though the city is close to the equator, the city’s elevation cools the climate, offering pleasant and comfortable temperatures year round. It was perfect for walking around the city and exploring the art, architecture, and natural beauty.

At at the very last stop of the Metrocable’s ascent lies Arví Park, a natural park for ecotourism.

2. The Remarkable Art and Architecture

The Plaza Botero, where Mujer Vestida and many other sculptures by Fernando Botero reside.

Throughout the city, there is a plethora of art and architecture. Such examples include the Plaza of Lights, the Plaza Botero, and the many graffiti murals that adorn the city. The architecture in Medellín is both historical and modern, and you will see a variety throughout the city. Fernando Botero’s art can be seen all throughout Medellín, but most famously in Plaza Botero, where several of his sculptures reside. Botero is a Medellín native who exemplifies a unique, exaggerated style in his paintings and sculptures. We were able visit both the Plaza Botero and the Plaza of Lights during the Free Walking Tour.

Mujer Vestida, meaning dressed up woman, depicts the unique style of Fernando Botero, a famous artist from Medellín. Mujer Vestida can be seen in Medellín’s Plaza Botero, along with many other people and animal sculptures in a similar exaggerated style.
A picturesque hillside community as seen from the Metrocable.

3. A Modern and Unique Metro System

The metro system is a source of pride for the people of Medellín, also known as Paísas. For Paísas, the metro system represents an era of growth and positive change for their city, so they do everything in their power to show it respect and keep it clean.

Riding the Metrocable allows for some great views from unique perspectives.

That brings me to one of my favorite aspects of Medellín, the Metrocable. The Metrocable is a cable car, also part of metro system, that takes you into the higher parts of the city. While riding, I saw some of the most gorgeous landscapes and scenery of my life. There are incredible views of the mountains and city blended together.

The Andes mountains provide the perfect backdrop to the modern towers of the El Poblado neighborhood of Medellín.

At the last and highest stop of the Metrocable, there is a park called Parque Arví. It is a stunning green park with hills woven through it, which you can hike independently or with a tour group. Within the park there are streams, mini waterfalls, pine trees, and pathways with places to sit and relax. The air is fresh and cool. It was one of my favorite places we went to in  Medellín!

On the Free Walking Tour, we stopped at the Plaza of Lights. The lights were erected to symbolize hope and renewal in what was once one of the worst areas of the city.

There are tons of things to do and see in the Medellín area, and the four days that I spent there were not enough; without a doubt, I will be returning before I head back to the States. With amazing places such as Guatapé, Jardín Botánico, and Pueblito Paísa, there is so much more to experience and explore!

Brittany Mettrick is a student at The College of St. Rose and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Barranquilla, Colombia.

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