The Best Weekend Getaways for Students in Rome

As Italy is one of the more central countries in Europe, it means traveling to places is more convenient! be on the lookout for super cheap flights, trains, and busses. Something I would recommend is looking on Google flights in advance to see which places are cheap to fly into from your host country for a certain weekend! This helped me decide where I wanted to travel on the weekends. Without further ado, here are some of the top places I recommend to travel to while staying in Rome…

  1. Mykonos, Greece for the beach

Of course, since Italy is super close to Greece I had to stop in Mykonos for a weekend. I recommend going as early as possible during the fall semester since it gets a bit chillier as the weeks go by.

Things to do include: going to the beach, eating gyros, visiting little Venice, seeing the windmills, watching the sunset, and experiencing the nightlife.

“Gyros” – Tried some delicious gyros at a local shop
“Mykonos” – Had a little photoshoot by the water
“Windmill” – These windmills are across from Little Venice, stay to watch the sunset!
“Sunset” – After the sunset, the sky became this beautiful purple-ish color


  1. Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest 

If you are going to be near Germany around the time of Oktoberfest go!! I highly recommend it. It allows you to dive into the culture of Germany and see how Oktoberfest is truly done. Go early because there is a long line to get into the actual festival.

Things to do include: Going to Oktoberfest, going to a beer garden where they have German delicacies, and walking around the city center.

“Church” – Visited a few churches while walking around Munich
“Oktoberfest” – Ran into the tents during Oktoberfest to make sure we got a spot at a table!


  1. Budapest, Hungary for the Christmas Markets 

Last but not least, Budapest actually surprised me because I had no idea what to expect. The only thing I knew I wanted to do was go to the bathhouse. We happened to go to Budapest the opening weekend of the Christmas markets. This is something I highly recommend seeing because it lifts up your spirit as you walk past all the delicious and festive Hungarian food and treats.

Things to do include: ice skating, visiting the thermal baths, going to fisherman’s bastion for an awesome view, and visiting the Christmas markets.

“Fisherman’s Bastion” – A great viewpoint, come to see the sunset!
“ThermalBath” – The famous Széchenyi Thermal Bath
“BathPic” – Chilling in a Thermal Tub)
“Christmas Market” – Festivities at St. Stephen’s Church

Taysia Stein a student at ASU Arizona State University and an ISA Featured Photoblogger. She studied with ISA in Rome, Italy.


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