How To Survive Oktoberfest

Nicole Jones is a student at the University of South Florida and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Berlin, Germany.

While I was studying abroad in Berlin, I asked a local for tips on Oktoberfest and they said they “wouldn’t touch that place with a stick.” Although Oktoberfest is stigmatized to be a bit of a wild time, it is a cultural phenomenon I will never forget, as well as being an amazing time for all ages. So, from an American living in Berlin, here are my top tips on how to survive Oktoberfest in Munich.

1.Plan early

My friend and I booked our ride and accommodation to Munich a week before we left. Learn from our mistakes and plan early. Don’t settle for a freezing campsite or an eight hour bus ride.

2. Make a meet up spot

Halfway through Oktoberfest, I got lost in the crowds separated from my friends. I roamed around for quite a while before finding them again.

Dirndls, Leider Hosen, and Pretzels! Oh My!

3. Bring a power bank

While lost from my friends, my phone died. Bring a fully charged external charger so you can get a hold of your friends and post on social media.

4. Get to tents early and stay at one

When you arrive to Oktoberfest, pick a tent and stay there. If you leave your tent, not only will you not be able to get back in, but you won’t be able to get in anywhere else. Once a tent is full, security does not allow you in. I recommend the Pilsner tent.

Who ever thought of a festival centered around beer and rides was a genius!

5. Tip your waitress

In each tent there are thousands of people all wanting two things: German pretzels and drinks. If you want to make sure you are not kept waiting, tip your waitress a euro or two each round to keep her coming.

6. Get a pretzel

Pretzels are one of the main things associated with Oktoberfest. Rightfully so, because having a giant pretzel in one hand and a drink in another is a match made in heaven.

Oktoberfest is an amazing time for people of all ages. With the right amount of time and tips, everyone can have an amazing time meeting new people from all over the world, riding roller coasters, and eating gingerbread hearts. Prost!

Lebkuchen Hearts made of gingerbread and Molasses

The world awaits… it!

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  1. Oktoberfest is so much fun! I went in 2017 and had the best time ever. I’m doing study abroad in Barcelona right now and am headed back to Munich for Springfest in April with Stoke Travel if anyone wants to join!

    1. yea they do ! I would say it was more authentic cultural-wise than Oktoberfest. I went with Stoke travel for €60 per night. I stayed for 3 nights. I slept in already built tents with mattresses & sleeping bags. Every day they gave us breakfast and dinners, which were really good. There was an Awesome international crowd,and crazy campsite parties. Best weekend of my life. You can also get unlimited beer and sangria at the camp. There’s lots to do outside of the festival as well

  2. Thanks for the funny and helpful Post :D I was serveral times a waitress at the oktoberfest and ‘Tip your waitress’ is a very good tip xD

  3. Yes they do, really similar party vibes to Oktoberfest its kinda like the little Oktoberfest its really cool, a lot less touristy so you really get the proper German experience as well

  4. Last year I went to springfest with a company called Stoke Travel. Its was amazing. The staff was super nice and the campsite was also super fun. (got free booze). Definately go again with Stoke this year.

  5. Thanks for the post, really helpful!
    Tip: Bring enough money with you .The lines an the cash machine are very long and last your I had to pay a 6 euro fee.

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