The Best Weekend Getaway Destinations for Students Studying Abroad in Argentina

If you want to study abroad in a country where you can travel to a multitude of different climates and environments, Argentina is for you! I grew up in the suburbs of San Diego, California. After that, I moved to a small town in the middle of Utah, and then decided to go to Seattle University, a college in the hub of a busy city. So before studying abroad, I thought I had mastered living in a multitude of environments. But oh, was I wrong! 

Buenos Aires, Argentina is a whole other type of city. You don’t know really know what it’s like to be a city dweller until you are boarding a busy subway at rush hour, dodging people on the streets when your rushing to your university campus, or trying to wave down a “collectivo.” Once I was used to living in this massive city, I loved it. However, I was also ready to see nature again. A great part about studying abroad in Argentina is that there are so many different places to go and traveling here is very accessible. 

From hiking in small mountain towns in Córdoba, to seeing the Iguazu Falls, to road tripping in Salta, to trekking through Patagonia, you will never fail to have nature take your breath away. 

I started my travels by jumping on an overnight bus to Villa General Belgrano, a town in the province of Córdoba that was originally founded by German immigrants and still strongly embodies German influences through the architecture, restaurants, and traditions. Then I spent two days in the city of Cordoba, exploring the artisanal markets, famous landmarks, and parks. After leaving the main city, I travelled north to La Huerta Grande to teach at an English camp for young students.

This is a sweet cat that I found in La Huerta Grande at the English teaching camp!

Next, I went to Iguazu Falls. This is a must-see for anyone in this part of the world! Being in the presence of such an enormous natural wonder is breathtaking and I can still say that after having over a month to process these views, I am still speechless.

Here is a small section of some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

Next, I took a one night trip to Rosario to see a new city, soak up some sun, visit monuments, and relax by the river. This city is very close to Buenos Aires, making it an easy place to go for a short escape from the big city life!

This is what Rosario looked like at sunset from our Air bnb!


The next trip I took was to Salta and Jujuy, the two most northern provinces in the country. This trip included a spontaneous road trip through the desert of Cafayate and Cachi as well as some planned excursions to places the Salinas Grandes and Cerro de Los Siete Colores. (PHOTO: Purmamarca Hill: “This photo was taken on our walk through the hills of Purmamarca in Salta!”)

This photo was taken on our walk through the hills of Purmamarca in Salta!


The last adventure that I took during my ISA program was to El Chaltén, a magical town in Patagonia. Over the 5 days that I spent there with my friends, we walked over 58 miles through some of the most beautiful places that we have ever seen. There is an abundance of day hikes accessible from the town as well as many places to go backpacking. The highlight of this trip was backpacking through the mountains to camp and watch the sunrise at Fitz Roy. I can say with complete confidence that watching that sunrise was one of the most special moments of my life. This part of the world is so picturesque, and although no picture could ever encapsulate its beauty, I’ll try to let the photo below explain the rest.

Fitz Roy: Watching the sunrise on Fitz Roy was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Traveling in Argentina has been surprisingly affordable and has enhanced my study abroad experience. I have loved being able to see the various different parts of Argentina and how the landscapes, people, traditions, and cultures differ from one part of the country to the next.

Stella Roth is an ISA Featured Blogger at Seattle University. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fall 2019.


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