A Photographic Journey Through Central London

London is a big city with many famous tourist spots to visit. From Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, London’s most famous attractions are filled with a rich history and great opportunities for classic photos of some of the most famous British symbols. Here is my first journey through Central London!

As soon as you emerge from the underground, there is a multitude of shops waiting for tourists to buy as much merchandise as they can.
‘ParliamentSquare’ A little ways past the red telephone booths and you enter upon Parliament Square where there are statues of all different people surrounding the perimeter of this garden.


‘WestminsterAbbey Photo1’ Next, I traveled to Westminster Abbey. One of the most stunning buildings within London no doubt. Its magnitude and intricacy left me in awe for a while.



‘BuckinghamPalace’ Not too far away is the ever so famous Buckingham Palace. This palace is the London residence for the Royal Family. Although the Queen was not currently there due to her being on vacation, it was still an incredible sight to see.


‘VictoriaMemorial’ Just outside of Buckingham Palace is the Queen Victoria Memorial which commemorates the death of Queen Victoria in 1901.
One of my favorite places that I visited was Trafalgar Square. This place has tons to artwork being drawn on the ground, roller skaters, musicians, and lots of other entertainment that makes this place one to stay at for a while.


‘LondonEye’ Lastly, the ever so famous London Eye. This massive Ferris wheel stands at about 442 feet tall. From the top, there is an amazing view of the River Thames and London as a whole. And even if you aren’t willing to pay the price to take the ride, there are many other free ways to get a view of London.

Rebekah Adams is an ISA Featured Blogger at Messiah College. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in London, England Fall 2019.

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