Calling All – Small City Wanderers: Experience the Quaint Comfort of these ISA Locations

By Caroline Tosbath and Kendra Ansotigue, ISA staff

Last week we highlighted some of the more metropolitan ISA locations. Now it’s time to give some love to the smaller ISA cities that provide culture and excitement without all the hustle and bustle.

  • Are you looking for a small town where the university and its students are the central focus?
  • Are you looking to practice and improve your Spanish, French, you name it, with locals?
  • Do you want a city with a slower and more relaxed vibe?
  • Do you want to fully immerse yourself in local traditions?

Some students may want that energetic, big city, however if a smaller city is more your cup of tea, look no further! ISA has some great programs that allow students to obtain that small town feel, while immersing themselves into the culture and language of choice. Whether it’s a relaxed and historic suburb, a quaint and colorful town, or a prestigious and cultural city, ISA offers small town wonders that pack the cultural punch.


Heredia, Costa Rica:

Heredia is a growing city that has done well to preserve its small-town roots and distinguish itself as not merely a San José suburb, but a cultural hub of its own.  It is home to several universities, making it a youthful city with a growing international population and plenty for university students to enjoy.  Heredia is also just a short bus or train ride outside of San José, allowing students to enjoy its relaxed charm without having to miss out on what the capital city has to offer.


Galway, Ireland:

Galway is one of the most quintessential Irish cities on the whole island of Ireland. From its brightly colored cafes and pubs to its cobblestone streets, the city is teeming with small-town charm. Dance the night away to traditional Irish music, cozy up with a book in a pub, or walk along the ‘prom’ of Galway Bay: you will never want to leave this quaint city!


Salamanca, Spain:

Salamanca is a vibrant, lively city with a rich and intriguingly diverse history.  Home to the renowned Universidad de Salamanca, Spain’s oldest university, this walkable city has plenty to offer its numerous local and international students.  Whether meeting a friend under the clock in the Plaza Mayor, or strolling through the UNESCO recognized Old City, “La Ciudad Dorada” (“The Golden City”) will pull you in with its fascinating history, captivating culture and breathtaking sights.


As these sites mentioned above are only just a few examples, here are some other ideal programs for small city wanderers!

Studying abroad is a rewarding and life-changing experience no matter where you choose to go! Stay tuned for more “Calling All” publications from yours truly.

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