Reading Excursions: Stonehenge and Bath

Explore Europe’s most famous prehistoric site that dates back 5,000 years. Some of the stones at Stonehenge originally came from South Wales, and upon viewing their immense size, it is unimaginable how they were transported such long distances. Experts still aren’t quite sure how the formation was created or why it exists, but it’s a great excuse to visit the beautiful English countryside and get a great snapshot while standing in wonder at the stone creation.


Later take a stroll through the historic and unique English town that was founded by Romans when they discovered the only naturally occurring hot springs in England. The city’s grand Georgian architecture is surrounded by hills and is crossed by the River Avon, which contributes to the city’s interesting landscape and network of canals. Beyond exploring the intricate Roman baths you can follow the steps of Jane Austen who was once a resident in Bath and who used many of the city nuances in her timeless books.  The touristy, yet serene community takes great pride in its many museums, lush gardens, and galleries. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a city of unique heritage and history and can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

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