24 Hours in Bangkok

Samantha Manning is a student at University of Northwestern – St. Paul and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA in Bangkok, Thailand. She created this post on special assignment.

Bangkok, Thailand is a city of rich culture. The sites, sounds, and smells of this incredible metropolis are both distinct and diverse. Below are a few scenes that can occur in 24 hours in Bangkok.


“6:00 a.m.” Sunrise over Bangkok. It’s a new day of hustle and bustle in this extraordinary city.


“7:00 a.m.” One of the many bright apartments in Salaya, a suburb of Bangkok.


“8:00 a.m.” Starting the day right with a Thai iced coffee.


“9:00 a.m.” Transportation in Bangkok is an experience in itself, especially during rush hour. Millions of people ride thousands of public busses like this one daily, or choose from other services such as the Skytrain, subway, and taxis.


“10:00 a.m.” Thailand is a popular tourist destination, and each day tourists flock to historical and cultural sites like the Grand Palace, which lies in one area of the royal grounds, where the royal family lives. The beautiful architecture will leave your head in the air and jaw on the ground.


“11:00 a.m.” Gardeners keep up lawn maintenance all year round in Bangkok’s tropical climate.


“12:00 p.m.” Lunchtime at a local floating café, where guests can recline above the water and enjoy authentic Thai cuisine.


“1:00 p.m.” Bangkok is bursting with hidden treasures, like this graffiti wall.


“2:00 p.m.” An elephant entertains visitors at the Dusit Zoo.


“3:00 p.m.” A mini photographer. She and I may have a similar lens, but completely different perspectives of this wonderful city. I think she could teach me a thing or two about life in Bangkok.


“4:00 p.m.” Sunflowers in Buddha Park bloom as the rainy season comes to an end.


“5:00 p.m.” Buddhist temples like this one are all over the city, although each has unique features. This temple is named Wat Phra Pathom Chedi, and is known for having the largest pagoda in Thailand.


“6:00 p.m.” Sunset over the Chao Phraya River.


“7:00 p.m.” Thai food… sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. It is something you have to taste for yourself to comprehend how delicious it can be.


“8:00 p.m.” Night markets are huge in Bangkok. Rows and rows of tents selling food, clothes, souvenirs, and gifts are set up at nighttime to avoid the heat of the day.


“9:00 p.m.” Street vendors are a popular choice for a quick bite to eat. Some sell fresh fruit, like this cart, while others prepare anything from noodle soup to ice cream.


“10:00 p.m.” After a long, hot day, a cool specialty café drink like this one is perfection.


“11:00 p.m.” It’s easy to find a chill spot to spend a night out with friends. Bangkok has nightlife options for every lifestyle, and there is always a new place to check out.


“12:00 a.m.” Another day comes to a close in this beautiful city.


“6:00 a.m.” It’s been 24 hours in the amazing city of Bangkok. Today is another day, ready to be filled with amazing experiences and new adventures!

The world awaits… discover it.

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