Introducing the ISA Featured Bloggers for Spring 2014

We are thrilled to announce the ISA Featured Bloggers for Spring 2014. Meet next semester’s stellar storytellers:

Elamin Nadia Amman Chatham University Spring 4
Marrakchi Nadia Amman Colorado State University Spring 1
Abnos Dustin Barcelona Kansas State University Spring 3
Johnson Rain Barranquilla Northern Michigan University Spring 1
Tanner Elise Barranquilla University of Utah Spring 1
Angeloty Jeffrey Brussels Regis University Spring
Hartley Sarah Brussels University of Tulsa Spring
Lanfranchi Ana Buenos Aires The College of New Jersey Spring 3
Mehl Mikayla Buenos Aires Point Loma Nazarene University Spring 6
Stallbaumer Abbey Buenos Aires University of Central Missouri Spring 2
O’Keeffe Heather Cape Town Case Western Reserve University Year
Yarborough Eli Cape Town University of North Carolina, Charlotte Spring 1
Hulsey Sam Cusco Middle Tennessee State University Spring 2
Miller Michaela Cusco Metropolitan State University of Denver Spring 1
Migdali Danya Florence California Lutheran University Spring
Van Ert Colin Florianopolis University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Spring 1
Hatfield Lyndsy Galway College of Saint Rose Spring 1
Chernickey Julia Granada University of Pittsburgh Spring 2B
Tella Mary Granada Rider University Spring 2B
Woodhouse Allison London College of Charleston Spring 1
Pond Katie Madrid University of California, San Diego Spring 1A
Miller Leah Malaga Westminster College Spring 1
Barrera Celene Meknes Bennington College Spring 1
McFarland Cydney Meknes Arizona State University Spring 1
Hale Katie Paris Luther College Spring 2B
Mizell Daniel Paris Arizona State University Spring 2B
Vutech Anna Paris DePaul University Spring
Willoughby Russell Paris University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Year 1
Tracey Morgan Port Elizabeth Huntington University Spring
Anderson Sophia Prague Rhodes College Spring 2
Green Blythe Prague Washington State University Spring 2
Pelaez Manuela Salamanca University of Georgia Spring 3
Brooks Kelsi San Jose Georgia College and State University Winter 2
Llewellyn Sandra Santiago University of Massachusetts, Amherst Spring 2
LeeHong Katharine Seoul University of South Carolina Spring
Ruiz-Pineda Maria Seoul University of Texas at El Paso Spring
Ovian Maggie Sevilla James Madison University Year
Schulz Megan Sevilla Colorado State University Spring 5B
Sharon Amanda Sevilla Saint Anselm College Spring 2
Wasko Stephanie Sevilla Old Dominion University Spring 2
Reicks Mariah Valencia University of Nebraska, Lincoln Spring 1
McPherson Phoebe Valparaiso and Vina del Mar University of New Hampshire Spring 4
Slaymaker Reina Valparaiso and Vina del Mar College of Charleston Spring 1

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