15 Ways to Give Back While Abroad

ISA’s Custom Programs division is celebrating its 15th year in service to U.S. universities for their faculty-led and partnerships study abroad programming. Join us for this series of 15 things as you imagine, develop, and implement your own custom programs abroad.

1. University of Tulsa visit with local elderly and practice their Spanish and at a local art exhibit.

Photo: ISA staff Raquel Lujan

2. ISA Amman students visit the Zikra Initiative to learn new skills from locals in the marginalized Jordanian community of Ghor al Mazra’a, therefore contributing to a sustainable income and genuine intercultural understanding.

Photo: Lama Khatieb

3. ISA-ELAP participants tutor local students in an after-school program in Meknes, Morocco.

Photo: ISA staff Mouhsine Boukharsa

4. University of Pittsburgh Healthcare and Social Work students prepare to Serve the City by providing breakfast to the homeless at the Brussels Gare du Nord train station.

Photo: Jerick Parrone

5. ISA- ELAP participants support medical staff in clinics in Mumbai and Malavli, India.

Photo: gcnuki

6. University of Texas, El Paso students round out each week of their Anthropology of Food program by sorting donations at a food bank in Málaga, Spain and serving lunch at a shelter in Florence, Italy.

Photo: MAGIS2011

7. ISA- ELAP students volunteer with an ongoing rainforest conservation as a part of the Summer group project in Costa Rica.

Photo: Alejandra Leon-Castella

8. High Point University Non-Profit Management students learn about operations and logistics through working alongside Brothers Charity in Ireland.

Photo: HPU professor Christine Cugliari

9. ISA- ELAP participants are Building Communities as a part of an Alternative Spring Break group project in the Dominican Republic.

Photo: ISA-ELAP student Nathaniel Navey

10. Purdue University’s incoming freshmen take part in a llamacare program in Peru as a part of their Freshman Global Leadership program.

Photo: ISA staff Nannette Taft

11. ISA- ELAP participants inspire local students through English conversation and mentorship program in Seoul, South Korea.

Photo: ISA-ELAP student Shakera West

12. ISA Florianópolis students participate in the international Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development conference [REGSA], primarily organized by UNISUL Professor Dr. José Baltazar Salguerinho Osório de Andrade Guerra.

Photo: Pedro Ribeiro

13. St. Edward’s University MBA students work with micro-lenders and liaise with small business owners in Chile.

Photo: Karla Lopez

14. Trinity College students intern with local NGOs throughout each semester in Cape Town, South Africa.

Photo: davamarie

15. ISA- ELAP students participate in an ongoing Sea Turtle rescue project as a part of an Alternative Spring Break group service-learning in Costa Rica.

Photo: ANAI


Melissa Stone is a Program Manager for ISA Custom Programs. Melissa works with programs in Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, and Jordan.

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