Tips for a Loooooong Flight

Brittney Neset is a student at the University of Minnesota, Duluth and an ISA Featured Blogger . Brittney is about to study abroad in Seoul, South Korea, on the ISA Summer 2 program.

Flying to Korea has been the longest flight I’ve ever been on. Before this, I’ve only been on a few short flights, ones that were  fours hours or less. So, when I found out that my flight to Seoul was going to be 14 hours, I almost had a heart attack! I always gets antsy on flights, so 14 hours is definitely a long time to be antsy and wait around. So, here are a few tips to make those long flight pass a little more quickly!

Sleep! Take a nap! That’s the fastest way to pass the time. But make sure you bring ear plugs because you might run into problems with loud, crying kids on the plane like I did. So having them keep you up is the last thing you’ll want to listen to.

Pack a Book… Or two…Or maybe three. If you have a short attention span with it comes to books, much like myself, bring a few to switch between when you’re on the plane. That way, if you get bored of one of the books, you’ve always got another to change to. If you’re travelling to a new place, think about bringing a city guide book on the plane with you. That way you can catch up and learn about the place you’re visiting without wasting your precious time once you’ve arrived.

Bring a Snack in your carry-on. Time always seems to pass slower when you’re hungry. So an easy way to avoid this is to bring snacks. Pack a few granola bars or cookies to keep your stomach happy while you’re flying.

Electronics are your best friend. If you have a laptop, tablet, e-reader, or handheld game, bring them! Make sure they’re fully charged before you leave and pack them full of new and exciting things. Long flights usually have movies you can play, but there are only a few to pick from, so bring your own movies! Games, movies, television shows, and books are a great way to help pass the time.

Hopefully those tips will be helpful to you on your next long flight. I will you all the best from Konkuk University! Annyong!


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