Alumni Spotlight: Elena Conklin

Stories that Shaped Us: Discovering Independence Abroad

Elena Conklin studied abroad with ISA in London, England Fall 2015. She was an ISA Global Ambassador at Ramapo College of New Jersey before graduating in Fall 2017 with a music production major. Elena is pursing a career in the music publishing industry and has received several music publishing certificates since graduating. Elena’s time in London with ISA taught her independence and to not take life for granted. We reached out to learn more about the stories that have shaped her!

 What was your favorite part about studying abroad in London?

My favorite part about studying abroad in London was being able to travel so freely around the city via public transportation. I live close to New York City here in the states, however, since I’d never been based in it, I wasn’t able to explore places the way I was able to when studying in London. I met so many different people, tried different restaurants, explored museums, landmarks, parks, etc. I truly got the most out of my experience by being able to travel so freely.

What was the biggest difference between studying in London and studying at Ramapo College?

The biggest difference was the fact that Kingston was a university that was much larger and based in again, an urban setting. Student life was much different! People seemed a lot more mature for their age, more able-bodied and free. 

Describe London in 3 words…go!

Inspiring, eclectic, and beautiful

What did you learn about yourself from your time studying abroad in London?

I learned that I was capable of so much more than what I thought in terms of how independent I could be. 

Tell us about your current job as an Administrative Assistant for a music school franchise. What does your day-to-day look like?

 My current role as an Administrative Assistant handles all types of responsibilities, especially now with the pandemic still looming among us. I handle customer service, social media marketing, sales, event planning, scheduling, cleaning, data entry, daily operating of the school and much more.

What are your professional goals? Did your time abroad influence this at all?

My professional goals are to end up working for a larger corporate company within the music publishing industry. My time abroad wasn’t what geared me towards this goal, however, the music scene in London definitely opened up my eyes to many more different styles of music I hadn’t been listening to beforehand!

What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence about studying abroad?

Don’t be afraid! This is the perfect type of change that you need in order to grow as a young adult and human being as a whole. It’s the push you need to find more purpose in life!

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