Citymapper: An Essential App for Navigating London

Coming to a city as large as London would be intimidating for any person, no matter what your walk of life may be. However, for me this was even more foreboding considering I have spent almost all of my life in small towns requiring me to know only a handful of streets.

London is huge and intricate and confusing, and although the transportation system is excellent, fully understanding how to work everything and get around takes weeks. This is where the app, Citymapper, comes into play. This app has been one of the most helpful tools in learning the ins and outs of London.

On Citymapper, you are able to type in exactly where you are going, and if you are going to a well-known place, like the British Museum for instance, it will pop up without you even needing to know the address or look it up first. From there it takes you to a screen with a ton of options. Citymapper plans your routes using buses, the tube, walking, trains, and more and ranks your possible trips from shortest commute to longest; the prices of each trip are even included.

Once you select the route you like best, it immediately begins guiding you. It tells you the necessary walking distance, then the exact name of the tube/bus/train that you need to get on. It even shows live departure times! During my first few weeks in London, this was a lifesaver because it helped me get around with little stress, and also helped me learn all the names of the different lines! The best part about this app for me, though, was the fact that it was also available in many of the countries I visit, providing me a much smoother experience while traveling.

Madison Rydholm is a student at Rowan University and was an ISA Featured Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in London, United Kingdom.

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