A Walk Through Life in the Village of Orosí, Costa Rica

The tranquil village of Orosí is nestled between towering mountains in Costa Rica. Fog swirls over the sleepy green peaks as the people below play fútbol, herd their cows, and live in harmony. Although my visit to this province was only for a day, the fresh mountain air and sloping country paths renewed the energy that the bustling city of San Jose had been quietly using. I hope these photographs transport you to a place where the birds sing softly to each other and time slows down.

Bright fruits decorate the side of the road by Orosí.


To reach the quiet and colorful village of Orosí, travelers walk across a metal bridge that’s suspended over the Orosí River. Fog rolls over the sides of the mountains as the bridge gently swings from side to side.



Cows graze on the grassy hills of Orosí as tourists and locals pass on the dirt road leading to the sheltered village.


La Iglesia de San José de Orosí was built in 1743 and is Costa Rica’s oldest operating church.


The colonial church and graveyard are nestled among the rugged mountains in Orosí, where they celebrate the lives that pass through and the lives that have passed.


Our visit to La Iglesia de San José de Orosí was brightened with a wedding. Bouquets of flowers and leafy plants waited patiently behind the church as the people inside celebrated a new adventure in life.

Kaija Schlangen is a student at University of Minnesota, Duluth and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She studied with ISA in San José, Costa Rica. 

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