Alumni Spotlight: Ellie Rowe


What do you do as a Global Ambassador?

As a Global Ambassador, my job is simple: to promote study abroad to students on my campus. Often times, students have dreamed of going abroad since high school, but have no idea how to begin the process! That’s where I fill in. I am like a personal guide to the student, serving as a link between them and International Studies Abroad. Our goal as a Global Ambassador is to encourage students to simply get abroad.

What kinds of strategies do you implement in order to do your best as a GA?

I always like to find out why the student wants to go abroad and what they want to get out of their experience first. I ask them their top goals for going abroad (whether it be finish academic credits, personal development, meet new friends, dive into culture, etc.). I try to find out when the student wants to go aboard and for how long. Next, I make sure the location offers the academic need for the specific student before helping them narrow down where they want to go. I always tell students its easier to complete the study abroad process when you do it in steps and don’t procrastinate your application!

How has being a global ambassador impacted you? Have you developed any new skills?

Being a global ambassador has impacted me as a student, a professional, and an individual. As a student, I have made connections and relationships with professors, campus staff, and students I typically wouldn’t engage with otherwise. As a professional, I have developed my communication and leadership skills. Personally, being a global ambassador has taught me how to be brave and go after big things. It has pushed me to meet new people and really put myself out there! I’ve learned that what you put into something is what you will get out of it.

What was it like attending the Global Ambassador workshop? 

Attending the Global Ambassador workshop was incredible! Right when I became a Global Ambassador, another GA had just returned from the workshop herself. I thought she was so knowledgeable and in touch with ISA. I knew then that my goal for the first year would be to try to attend the GA workshop myself the following summer. While attending, I got to learn all sorts of ISA facts, meet the staff, and even give my own input for ISA for the next year. I also loved getting to meet the other GA’s from other United States college campuses. Spending time working on our individual professional development and moving forward in our careers was so beneficial as well.

What is the best part about being a global ambassador?

I think the best part about being a global ambassador is meeting and engaging with all sorts of new people from my own campus. I love the one-on-one interaction to truly get to know the student and their desire for going abroad. Each time I talk to a student and they ask me questions, it’s like I am reliving my own memories from my study abroad experience in my head.

Speaking of your study abroad experiences, what was your favorite food you ate while studying abroad? 

Can you guess?? PASTA!! My favorite pasta dish was pear pasta. I also wish I was lying when I say I finished each meal with gelato for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 

What was a favorite memory of studying abroad?

My favorite memory of my study abroad experience was booking a trip with my roommates one random night at dinner, running back to our home, packing a backpack, and hopping on a bus at 1 AM to catch a train at 3AM to make it to our destination by the next morning! 

Any advise to current or potential students?

Just sign up and GO! No two study abroad experiences are the same. You will come home with so many stories and memories you will never forget! Create your story! Skip out on that $5 Starbucks drink to start saving up. You will never regret investing in an experience to better yourself. 

What do you want to do when you graduate? 

Become a traveling nurse!

Interview conducted by Jessica Terrell, an ISA Alumni Relations Coordinator.

Ellie Rowe is an ISA Global Ambassador at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She studied with ISA in Florence, Summer 2018.

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