Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss Out On While In Málaga!

Cayley Beals is a student at Regis University . She studies abroad with ISA in Malaga, Spain.

During the week of February 23 to March 3 in Málaga, Spain you will see many people dressed up as various Spanish characters. You will also hear the loud music and “Olajas” in the crowded streets. The carnival of Málaga is an outrageous, entertaining festival to certainly partake in. As you walk through the streets, you will see various stages set up in different plazas and streets for group performances. All day, every day during the carnival, the city has some type of performance going on. They begin the carnival week with a big entry parade. There are mini concerts all throughout the week for everyone to enjoy. To close the festival there is a parade at the end of the week. In the main canter plaza you will see all the singing, performances, and characters that are most festive.

In the city center, your attention will be caught by all the different, flamboyant outfits and silly music parodies from classic Spanish songs. Every night during the week of the carnival, the center plaza will be consistently filled with locals. From eight to eleven every night, you will see these comedic and impressive acts put on for you.

Even though I have only experienced half of what the carnival has to offer, needless to say I have definitely been impressed. All the costumes, the many songs each group remembers and their acting performances are quite entertaining to experience. This is one of the biggest partying weeks where every Málaga local, young and old, get together and experience the fun of what their city has to offer.

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