What I Love About Living With A Host Family in Málaga, Spain

Cayley Beals is a student at Regis University and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Malaga, Spain.

There are many things I love about living with a host family in Málaga. One of my favorite things about living with a host family is that not only do we have three meals a day included, but that the meals are so tasty and filling! A typical lunch that my host mom will make me and her son is a soup or stew of some kind with a meat or fish dish, and vegetables to accompany that, with café con leche to finish it off. A typical dinner would be a cheese platter with a plate of vegetables, and maybe some meat. Even though dinner is smaller than lunch, I still easily get full from the meals my host family feeds me.

In addition to the amazing food, included with my homestay is a bedroom and laundry during my time here! My room is the perfect size for my roommate and me. I really feel as if I am truly at home because my host family cares about me and makes sure everything is perfect for me. 

Ultimately, I think my favorite thing about living with a host family is really practicing my Spanish. One of my goals I made for myself for this trip was to expand and improve my Spanish language skills. My host mother helps me practice my conversational Spanish so that I’m more confident using it with the rest of her family or when I am out in the city. She also improves and expands my vocabulary and grammar whenever I am trying to get my point across. 

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