How to Act Like a Local in Sevilla

Abisag Perez is a student at the Arizona State University. She was an ISA Featured Blogger and studied abroad with ISA in Sevilla, Spain

Culture shock is natural, and like many other students you will experience a wave of feelings as you begin to submerge yourself with locals in their way of living. Yet with a few trips you can know what to expect from Sevilla.

  1. Bring out your business casual clothes!

The people of Spain in general like to dress nice, yet not too formal. Dresses are a cute and easy way to easily fit in with the rest of the natives here in Sevilla. Not only are they very popular, yet you can easily add an accessory such as a cute small bag or a colorful head band and your outfit is set.

  1. Breakfast adjustments are no biggie with local cafes. 

As Americans we grew up hearing “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” yet that doesn’t quite go here. A typical breakfast in Seville is toast with butter of tomato jam ( yeah it’s a thing), along with a cup of coffee or juice. However, there are many cute and affordable cafes basically in every corner of every street. A typical breakfast coffee in Spain is about 1.5 euro and that’s about the size of an average cup. Besides, coffee shops are a great place to meet up with your friends since homes are quite small.

  1. Make sure to visit the Plaza de España

There are many great photo opportunities in the plaza, along with a wise selection of vendors. Without a doubt the plaza is one of the main attractions of Sevilla. In the evenings, there is flamenco dancers and other local artist you can come out to watch. It is a great place to meet other people and feel like you are a local.

  1. Stay connected through Whatsapp!

Basically all throughout Europe, WhatsApp is the main platform to communicate with others. It is very easy to use and basically free since you can communicate with others via internet access. You will often see that many locals, record voice clips rather than physically typing out the message. Soon enough you too will find yourself walking and recording voice clips.

  1. Tapas are the way to go.

You will soon find out that Tapas (appetizers) are very popular, especially when you want an excuse to hang out with friends, you invite them to grab some tapas. You can basically find them at any restaurant at any hour. Of course each place has its own menu.


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