Toledo: The Magnificent City on the Hill

Summer Conley is a student at the University of Pittsburgh and is an ISA Featured Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Madrid, Spain.

The ISA excursion to Toledo was a magical day. We arrived at the ancient city on top of the hill, and I was stunned.



The beautiful views from the bus were just the beginning. We also went on a walking tour of the city and along with the breathtaking views, I learned so much about this city’s rich history. The most phenomenal part of the day trip for me was the Toledo Cathedral. The church from within has a glowing gold altar with intricate designs on the walls. It has beautiful sculptures all around it, and in a side room, there is an exquisite mural of angels flying on the ceiling.




The beauty of this cathedral will always remain in my heart. The Toledo excursions was one of the best experiences I had while abroad in Madrid. The art, architecture, and churches were captivating.



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