Fast Track Your Child’s Future With Study Abroad

By Kaitlyn Webster, Marketing Associate

Give your child their best possible chance of finding a job after graduation by helping them spend a semester abroad. You may have heard that studying abroad can help your child’s career, but how exactly will sending them out of the country land them their dream job after graduation? Here are six ways studying abroad with ISA will fast track your child’s future.

#1: They’ll Gain Cross-Cultural Skills

In today’s global market, adding international experience to their resume is one of the best ways to help your child stand out among other applicants. During their time abroad, they’ll learn about different values, beliefs, and cultures, in addition to learning how to communicate with people from different backgrounds. They’ll develop intercultural empathy and find out what it means to be a global citizen. These are critical life and career skills that can only be developed when students leave their comfort zones and spend time in a foreign country.

#2: They’ll Advance Their Language Skills

Knowing more than one language provides a competitive edge in career choices and goes beyond being able to communicate in more than one language. Studies have shown that learning a foreign language improves memory, increases attention spans, and reduces the risk of cognitive decline. While studying a foreign language in your home country is a great step, there’s no substitute for conversing in that foreign language with native speakers. During their time abroad, students will be totally immersed in the local language and will pick up on nuances like accents and idioms which will allow them to gain a deeper understanding of the language and how it is used in the local culture.

#3: They’ll Build a Global Network

Did you know ISA offers more than just study abroad programs? Our full-time international internships give students the opportunity to jump-start their careers with an internship abroad. They’ll work in hands-on environments as they gain real-world experience with an international company. As a study abroad student, your child will also grow their network through their host families, fellow international students, study abroad alumni, and the locals they meet along the way.

#4: They’ll Learn to Become Independent Problem-Solvers

Travel is a great teacher of problem-solving. Getting around a foreign country is not easy, and there will no doubt be obstacles along the way. It will be up to your child to figure out how to overcome those obstacles without having the resources and familiarity of home. While ISA staff is always on-call, it will ultimately be your child’s responsibility to figure out how to navigate their time abroad, learning valuable life skills along the way. Money management, time management, and problem-solving skills are arguably some of the most important lessons your child can learn during their study abroad program, which they’ll be able to use long after they return home from their study abroad program.

ISA intern working in Chile

#5: They’ll Train for International Careers

If your child dreams of an international career, there’s no better way for them to get a leg up on their future than by spending a semester (or more!) abroad with ISA. Your child’s study abroad classes will be taught by a diverse range of faculty from impressive backgrounds who can be a great resource for a motivated student. Your child will also be exposed to a variety of cultures and customs and have the opportunity to develop those crucial cross-cultural skills they’ll need for an international career. It’s a great test-run for their future and an invaluable learning experience.

#6: Study Abroad Will Boost Their Resumes

Bottom line: Having “study abroad” on a resume is highly attractive to potential employers and grad school admission officers. It shows that your child is confident, driven, mature, and already culturally experienced and well-traveled. Future employers will be impressed when they hear how your child overcame obstacles abroad and cultivated vital career and life skills. Help your child stand out from the crowd and fast track their future by encouraging them to add study abroad to their resume.

Want to learn more about helping your student to study abroad? Check out ISA’s Parent Resources page. 

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