Handmade Goods Highlight – Moroccan Amazigh Rug

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Moroccan rug

These rugs are handmade by an Amazigh woman named Khadija Elhakaoui, from the Atlas Zayane near khenifra city (in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco). She is 30 years old and a single mother to two children. Khadija works with the Alwifak Association, producing rugs which are sold in rugs stores in Meknes, Morocco.

All the rugs are handwoven from 100% wool. The yarns are distinguished by their sophisticated spinning and their cleanliness. Amazigh rugs carry patterns that are inspired by nature and the Amazigh alphabet, and their vibrant colors are obtained from local plants.

Weaving Amazigh rugs is an essential activity because it plays a vital economic role in the livelihoods of families. The woman of the house is in charge of weaving and modeling the carpets. The Amazigh rugs are the largest and most representative category of Moroccan rugs worldwide. They are typically produced in Atlas, with decoration and motifs specific to each tribe.

Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

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