Busan: A City for Natural Clarity

Megan Graham is a student at the College of New Jersey and is an ISA Featured Blogger. She is studying abroad  with ISA in Busan, South Korea.

As a vacation spot for many Koreans, Busan has a lot to offer in the field of natural beauty. From beaches to mountains, someone can find a quiet place to clear their mind in Busan no matter their preference.

If you’re a fan of nature meeting the city, Busan Citizens park is a picturesque scene. The three kilometer wide park is filled with walking trails, water fountains, and exercise equipment. My favorite part, although it’s hard to choose, would be the massive koi pond. Complete with a place to purchase fish food for a mere 500 won, $0.50, I clear my head while dropping snacks to the koi and watching them all gather, getting lost in their bright and beautiful colors.

Busan’s most famous attractions also happens to be one of its most beautiful, the beaches. If you like the wind in your hair and the feeling of sand beneath your feet, Busan has many beaches to offer. The largest beach is Haeundae. During a spring day you can take a walk along the water and at night settle in for a dinner picnic with your friends or significant other. The beach that holds my heart as my favorite is Gwangalli Beach. A bit smaller than Haeundae, Gwangalli is famous for its nighttime view of the Diamond Bridge. The view is truly breathtaking and with the beach surrounded by cafes that offer a great view, it is a place where anyone could get lost in the beauty.

Finally, I find myself getting lost on my own campus. I’m not the only one though. On any weekend morning, you can find locals decked out in their hiking gear making their way up the mountain my campus sits on. Pusan National University is littered with spots to sit and lose yourself. Small parks and squares with benches are home to many students in between classes or even on their day off. Cherry blossoms litter the campus and for the few weeks they bloom add beautiful color to an already beautiful campus.

Busan proves to hold beautiful places in nearly every corner. From a trip to the beach, finding nature in the center of the city, or simply walking outside your dorm room, Busan never fails to captivate any nature lover. You never have to go far to find a place to clear your head and lose yourself in the natural beauty that the coast of South Korea has to offer.

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