Why I’m Adding Study Abroad to my Resume

Molly Phannenstiel is a student at the University of Colorado, Boulder and is an ISA Featured Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA in Barcelona, Spain.

Studying abroad is becoming more and more common, but each individual who goes will have a completely unique experience. It will shape everyone who does it in a different way. And the experiences I’ve had have changed me in ways that no one else has undergone. That is why I am adding study abroad to my resume.


One of the many ways I have changed from studying abroad is I have become much more independent. I feel confident doing things alone and know what to do if something unexpected happens. I can apply this to a workplace by knowing what to do if something goes wrong and needs quick action to fix it. I will also be telling future employers that being abroad has made me more confident in who I am by forcing me to be more independent.


Something else I learned is how to plan and be more organized. Booking trips in advance takes a lot of organizational skills. You need to keep everything in order so the trips go smoothly. I will be telling future employers that I am a very organized individual and I owe that in part to my semester abroad. The experience really forces you to become an organized person, which I am so grateful for.


Another resume worthy aspect is bravery. It takes a lot of guts to get on a plane and move across the world, especially if you do not know anyone going with you. I will be telling future employers that I am less fearful about the future and unknown events because of this experience. I am more willing to take risks and make the most out of whatever life throws at me.

Financial Awareness

The last thing that I will attribute is being financially aware. I have never had to be so aware of how I spend my money before because I usually have a stable source of income from a job. Studying abroad has taught me to ration my money and budget plan ahead of time. This skill is very applicable in a workplace and I will be talking about that in an interview if I am asked how my program has changed me.

Overall, there are so many qualities about myself that I can attribute to my semester abroad. It has made me a more well rounded individual and showed me aspects of myself that I never knew existed, and I am forever thankful for that.

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