3 Things You Must Try While Studying in Galway, Ireland

Christopher Janiszewski is a student at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. He is studying abroad with ISA in Galway, Ireland.

Galway, Ireland is home to such a diverse community that produces a range of food and activities. It’s hard to pick just a few favorite things to list, because I have experienced so many wonderful events and people, but here are the top three things you must try while studying in Galway.

1. Traditional Irish Dancing

You must try traditional Irish dancing, which will allow you to dive head-first into the deep culture of Ireland while also having fun! The first experience I had with traditional Irish music was in a pub called Taaffes located right in the middle of Shop Street. Taaffes has traditional Irish music every night at 9:30pm, and is a must-do to see the true culture of Ireland. The best place to indulge in traditional Irish dance is at Monroes Tavern located at the end of Shop Street across the bridge. When we went, there was a big group of people teaching others how to do the dance!

2. Galway Farmer’s Market

The second activity you must do is to visit the farmer’s market that occurs every Saturday and Sunday morning. I attend the farmer’s market almost every week because they tend to have different tents up every weekend. The tents can range from small souvenirs, clothes, or amazing food. The farmer’s market is located right off of Shop Street and starts at the St. Nicholas Parish Church.

3. Crepes at Java’s Cafe

The third thing you must try is not an activity, but an amazing food that I have found to be my favorite bite to eat since I have been staying in Galway. That food is the sweet or savory crepes found at either Java’s Café (my favorite place) or café express. Crepes are my go-to breakfast, and when paired with a good coffee there is no better way to start your day in Galway.

This is my favorite cafe in Galway to grab a crepe and a coffee for breakfast!
This was the Crepe of the day and had chicken, spinach, and mushrooms!!

The world awaits…discover it.

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