The Great Outdoors in London: Not a Contradiction!

Fiona Sackett is a student at Indiana University/Purdue University – Ft. Wayne and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently interning abroad with ISA in London, England.

Trafalgar Square.

Most of the time, London is thought of sort of like this. Old mixed with new, and crowded. If not that, then something like this.

Buckingham Palace.

However, right next door to Buckingham Palace is not one, but two Royal parks!

St. James Willows.

For example, this is right next door to the palace in St. James. It is a nice park centered around a large pond that is full of ducks. However, if that park is too small for you…

Hyde Park.

Hyde Park is a massive park that you don’t even have to walk all the way through to enjoy. Not only are the floral arrangements and mystical trees growing throughout the park wonderful, but there are all sorts of different features to explore.

Serpentine Sunset.

For example, this is The Serpentine, an artificially created pond where you can paddle boat or sit on the sides in rentable folding chairs.

Italian Water Gardens.

If the Serpentine doesn’t suit your fancy, you can always walk over to the Italian Water Gardens. Believed to be a gift from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria, the gardens are elegantly picturesque.

While it is true that these two parks, as well as all Royal Parks, are free to roam in, often time, as an intern that is, you won’t necessarily have time to go to parks. So instead of a breath of fresh air during lunch, you are running into tourist groups and street performers.

Picadilly Square.

Never fear though! Even in crowded Soho, you are still able to enjoy the outdoors!

Church Courtyard.

This courtyard is my favorite place to take lunch on a nice day! I can’t speak for all churches, but often times their yards are open for use to the public. A small warning though if you do eat outside make sure you watch out for pigeons. They are everywhere.

Don’t feel bogged down by the city air in London! There are so many green spaces, both big and small, that you can use, enjoy, and that you get some fresh air every day!

The world awaits…discover it.

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