3 of My Favorite Things About Dublin

Stephanie Floyd is a student at Wright State University and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She interned abroad with ISA in Dublin, Ireland.

My time in Dublin, Ireland was short, but I would say it was the perfect first international experience. While I hopped around Ireland and enjoyed the countryside, Dublin made me feel the most comfortable and at home. If you’re looking to study abroad in Dublin, take a look at 3 of my favorite things about the country’s capital.

The History 

I’ve always had a love for history and Dublin has a lot of it. Each statue and bridge has it’s own significance in making Dublin the city it is today. What I love most about their history is how it’s still very much alive and present in their community. Whether they have renovated a castle or built around it, the history never dies.

Ha’penny Bridge.


Dublin Castle.


Trinity College Library.

The People

Being in a foreign country can be scary but the people of Dublin were amazing. One of the things I loved about Dublin was how proud the people were of their country despite it’s tragic history. At my internship, I met people from all walks of life which really opened my eyes to the differences in other countries. I experienced nothing but love and kindness from the people in Dublin whether it was my walking tour guide Ian, or the people I met at the Dublin Pride Parade.

Dublin Pride Parade.


Walking tour in Dublin.


Stay Planet Cookout.

The Art

Another way you can see the history and passion of the people of Dublin is through their street art. Stroll around the Temple Bar area and you’ll find art like the work from James Earley of famous Irish novelist James Joyce’s Ulysses characters on the Blooms Hotel. Whether it’s art for a company or just a stranger’s work on the side of a building, you can’t walk around Dublin without seeing someone’s masterpiece.

Connected Ink Tattoo.



Blooms Hotel.



Henry Street.

The world awaits…discover it.

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