10 Things That Will Happen To You While Studying Abroad in Ireland

Christina Doerksen is a student at Redeemer University College and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA Service Learning in Galway, Ireland

Studying abroad in Galway is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone! I took the liberty of compiling a list of ten things that will happen to you while studying here. From what I gather these experiences are not unique to me and chances are they will happen to you as well!

1. You will embrace your inner tea drinker because you will be offered tea, all the time. This may seem like a weird opening point but trust me when I say my roommate and I have had countless conversations about the tea culture. The Irish know best though because it’s a wonderful way to start (or end) a day, take a break or socialize!

This is the amazing Cupan Tae where you can enjoy a nice cuppa!

2. You will get wet. Really wet. Bring a raincoat, not an umbrella. If it gets windy umbrellas are useless.

3. A car hitting a puddle will splash you, especially if you walk everywhere. It is inevitable, just embrace it, and laugh it off! I recommend carrying dry socks with you at all times…trust me it helps!

I was outside for less than an hour.

4. If you did not bring waterproof shoes, you will need to get new shoes at some point. Penny’s is a really good place to do that; you can get a pair of runners for €9.

5. You will not be able to understand half of the people you meet at first; and when you think you are use to the accents, you will meet someone whose accent will remind you that you have a long way to go. No need to worry though! The Irish people are very friendly and often get a good laugh out of our inability to understand their accent from time to time.

6. You will hear the song Wagon Wheel, in every establishment with live music, unless of course they are playing traditional music…but even then you may hear it.

7. You will also hear Take Me Home, Country Roads in most places. If ever you are feeling homesick just walk into any establishment that has live music and you will start to feel right at home. Plus you will have a great time socializing with the locals!

8. If you are Canadian you will be shocked at how cheap most things are; if you are American you will be shocked at how expensive some things are.

9. If you are American you will be asked about President Donald Trump. If you aren’t American you will be asked about President Donald Trump. Regardless of your opinion, my advice is to not engage in any sort of political discussion unless you really want to have a debate.

10. You will fall in love with Ireland! The people, landscapes, music, and even the weather! This is a wonderful country, with a rich cultural background and things to do for everyone! Once you are here you will never want to leave!

This is one of many landscapes you will fall in love with in Ireland!

The world awaits…discover it.

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