A Brief History of the Glasgow Cathedral


Rachel Beaver is a student at the University of Tampa and an ISA Photo Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Glasgow Cathedral is truly an awe-inspiring location among all of the incredible places to visit all throughout Glasgow. With its weathered stone foundations and stain glass windows, the Cathedral holds a presence that can only be obtained through braving the events of history.


The original Glasgow Cathedral was built in the early 1100s while the current standing Cathedral was built approximately six decades later.  Like the city itself, the Cathedral is dedicated to Saint Mungo and houses the tomb of the saint in the crypt. Though unlike many of the Scottish medieval cathedrals, the Glasgow Cathedral is one of only a handful to survive the Scottish Reformation.  It is also the only Scottish medieval cathedral still standing on the Scottish mainland.


Much of the Cathedral has been restored from the damage of battle and time but its presence is none the less notable.  While the stained glass windows are not the ones originally installed, they have been restored in great detail to the original artworks.  To this day, the Glasgow Cathedral is still a house of worship with services being held morning and evening.


Visitors to the Cathedral can admire the medieval architecture and perhaps listen to music from choirs and the organ while they practice.  There are also various concerts and festivities to attend depending on the time of year.  If there is one place to visit while in Glasgow, the Glasgow Cathedral should be top of the list.

The world awaits…discover it.

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