Why I Chose Spain


Daniella Owusu is a student at Worcester State University and an ISA Photo Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Granada, Spain.

This photo was taken in Madrid, Spain. Every time I see my name on something I get a little excited.

Four years ago if you asked me “where I would see myself in the near future,” I would’ve responded ” London,” or “I don’t know.” Today by the grace of God and my family I was given the opportunity to study abroad in Granada, Spain. In high school I always wanted to study abroad but I never would have expected it to happen. Once I entered university I made sure that I would study abroad, and at this very moment I am in Spain for a course of three months. I was told what to do and did everything within the study abroad process myself, with some help from my favorite person Shana Hopkins (who I am also very grateful for). Nothing in life comes easy and this study abroad process was not easy at all. I spent day and night struggling to choose which country I would spend my first semester of my junior year in. I also had to make sure that I would be financially stable in the country I choose. Lastly, I thought about “being a minority”… That was also a major factor that I worried about. However, I began to realize that in America I am a minority already, so what did I really have to loose by being in a foreign country for three months (Note to self: there are people of color all over the globe!)?

Why Spain?
There is so much history within Spain. As a black female I had a passion to see where the first slave ships sailed from, to see where the people who began it all (King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, Christopher Columbus) resided. Beginning a new life in Spain was where the truth was. Spain has impacted the world in various ways and traveling there was something I really really wanted to do.

My career goal is to become an immigration lawyer. In the United States, people of Hispanic origin occupy the nation’s largest ethnic or racial minority. My passion for social justice and change led me to minor in Pre-Law and Spanish. Knowing Spanish, I will be twice as better communicating with those who speak it. I can help change their world, and through my experiences I can say that I will go home happy each and every day because my hard work to help immigrants paid off. I will go to sleep each night knowing that my strong activism for social rights has made a huge impact on another person’s life. It won’t be easy, but the opportunity to help someone achieve the American Dream will make my effort worthwhile.

And doing so in Granada was the best choice I could have made.



I captured this photo as I walking around Madrid.


I captured this photo as I was walking around Granada on my fist day.



Toldeo, Spain. As we were heading to Granada, Fall 2B had an excursion in Toledo and I had to capture the beautiful view.


This photo was taken on my very first day I arrived in Granada, Spain shortly after I met my host family. Rather than waiting for dinner indoors, my roommate and I took a stroll of the city of Granada.

The world awaits…discover it.


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