Busting the Common Myths about Studying Abroad in Berlin

By Brittany Clark, ISA Site Specialist – Germany

Berlin is many things: diverse, history-rich, and modern. The city is also believed to be many things that it’s not. Here, we bust some of the most common myths about the city to prove why a study abroad program in Berlin is unforgettable.

Myth: The German language is scary and hard!

Truth: English is a Germanic language, so German is actually more similar to English than you probably think. Plus, there’s many German language buddy programs available to ISA students to practice their language skills with local German students.

Myth: All Germans are cold and mean!

Truth: Germans are actually some of the friendliest people in the world once you get to know them. It usually just takes Germans longer to warm up to others compared to the amount of time it takes for Americans to warm up to others.


Myth: Berlin is too big!

Truth: While Berlin is a very large city (9 times bigger than Paris!), Berlin’s amazing public transportation makes all parts of the city extremely accessible. All ISA semester and academic-year students in Berlin receive free public transportation passes included in their program.

Myth: Berlin is too crowded!

Truth: Berlin is the second most populous city in the European Union, however, the many unique neighborhoods in Berlin help to give Berlin a quaint, small town feeling. One third of Berlin is also covered in lakes and green space.

Myth: There’s nothing to do in Berlin!

Truth: With more than 128 museums, 400 art galleries, and 44 theaters, keeping yourself busy in Berlin should not be an issue. It’s said that there are more museums than rainy days in Berlin.


Myth: Berlin’s not interesting enough!

Truth: From its Nazi history to its Cold War history, Berlin stands as one of the most interesting cities in the world. There are not many other cities in the world with such a complex and fascinating history like Berlin’s. Where else can you take courses like “Art and Dictatorship” or “Seduction and Terror?”

Learn the truth about studying abroad in Berlin yourself! For more information on ISA’s programs in Berlin, check them out on the ISA website!


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