13 Pictures of Prague That Will Have You Booking Your Flight

Madelyn Falteisek is a student at Winona State University and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA in Prague, Czech Republic.

If the internet famous doughnut ice cream cone called a Trdelnik hasn’t piqued your interest in Prague, perhaps these thirteen (non-food related) photos will.

An unexpected yet prevalent aspect of Prague is the graffiti and street art that dominates every surface. Some of it is distracting but I think a lot of it has profound messages, or at least looks aesthetically pleasing.

Of course the John Lennon wall is completely graffiti-ed and loved by many.

Charles Bridge is a selling point for most. Said to be the among the most beautiful places in Prague, the oldest bridge in the city was opened in 1402 is lined with Baroque life size sculptures. To avoid the sea of tourists, visit at sunrise or night time.

Whenever it snows, you’re transported into a story book, which isn’t saying much considering everyday is a fairy tale in Prague.

The city of Prague is studded with cathedrals and churches on every block.

Even the doors are works of art.

The interiors are just as stunning.

There are majestic swans everywhere along the river. Along with visitors feeding them leftover breads.

Spread across the 10 “old” districts of Prague are many enchanted places to explore if you wish to stray away from the city.

Prague boasts over 80 parks covering 20% of the city. Each park comes with a rewarding panoramic view.

Prague has copious overlooks that provide breathtaking views of the city.

Unlike most major cities, the best views in Prague are free of charge.

The world awaits…discover it.

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