5 Thoughts You’ll Have Before Going Abroad

Ryan Havey is a student at Hope College and an ISA Featured Blogger. He is currently studying abroad with ISA in Sydney, Australia.

Lake Macatawa, Holland, MI, Havey
Lake Macatawa, Holland, MI, USA

It’s the week before you leave for Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, Antarctica, etc. and you are filled with excitement and butterflies. You’ve weaved a web of what-ifs, wonders, and worries. However, you are not alone. Here are 5 thoughts you will likely have before going on an adventure of a lifetime.

1. I have not packed.

If you are anything like me, for the last two months you have been asked by friends, family, and random strangers how packing has been going. In the week before your trip, you should probably get going on this.

2. I do not know anyone!

Depending on your personality, this feeling can be expressed in two different frames: excitement and fear. If you look at it as being given a whole country full of potential friends, this thought does not seem as daunting. Sure your friends and family back home will be missed, but they will still be there for you when you return, and cannot wait to hear your stories.

3. My flight is how long?

I am flying from Chicago, USA to Brisbane, Australia, a trip that takes 24 hours of travel time. Wherever you are going, it is going to be a haul. It’s a big world, and we are now living in an era when we can go anywhere within a day. How incredible is that? Pack a few books or download your favorite movie. You can do it.

4. What if I forgot something?

There’s a good chance you probably did. Whether it was all your left socks or deodorant, there’s a good possibility something was left on your dresser at home. Luckily, as long as it was not your passport, everything will most likely be just fine. Almost all necessities can be found for purchase at your final destination.

5. I cannot wait for this journey to start.

Guess what? It already has! From the time you decided to go abroad, your journey has begun. You’ve gotten a passport, a visa, applied for scholarships, and you have worked hard to get where you are now. This is the moment where the diligence pays off and the fun begins, so relish every moment!

Suitcase, Passport, USA, Havey
Suitcase, Passport, USA

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  1. This is really accurate haha. Got back from student exchange in Wiesbaden Germany a few weeks ago, and this is probably the first things on your mind.

    I wrote about this experience in my new blog – check it out if you’re on your way to Germany or if you have a few minutes;)

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