Discovering Australia in 10 Pictures

Jordan Taylor is a student at the University of New Haven and an ISA Photo Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Gold Coast, Australia.

Well, I’m finally settled into my apartment on the Gold Coast and am loving the weather here! The first few days were a bit overwhelming due to the cyclone hitting us, but I was still able to capture some photos of the land down under! Some of our Bridging Cultures Program activities were cancelled because of the rain so I wasn’t able to take as many photos as I would have liked. Despite the weather, I was still able to get some good pictures of the wildlife and beach! This country is so beautiful from the city side of Brisbane to the beach side of  Surfers Paradise. I’ve posted my 10 favorite pictures from my first week here, but as the weeks go on I’ll have plenty more!

Roma St. Parklands
This is a small water dragon we saw while taking a walk through the Roma St. Parklands in Brisbane. These little guys are everywhere here.
Brisbane from a distance
Brisbane from a distance. It was a little rainy that day, so the city has a foggy look to it.
I took this at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary last weekend. It’s a mother wallaby nursing her baby. An adorable wildlife encounter!
Here is a soaking wet kangaroo enjoying the rain showers from the cyclone.
A troop of kangaroos. The face the kangaroo is making in this photo cracks me up!
A troop of kangaroos.  The face the kangaroo is making in this photo cracks me up!
The infamous Surfers Paradise sign leading to the beach. It’s a must to get a photo under this sign while your here! I’ve got a few.
There was a sand sculpture display at the beach this week and the theme this year happened to be Disney. This is some high quality sand art!
Here is the long and beautiful beach side of Surfers Paradise. I’ve been here just about every day since I arrived.
This was the first night in the Gold Coast. We did a nighttime beach walk and got some pretty cool photos.
This was an awesome sign at the Sanctuary that shows how far all these places are from the exact location of the sign.

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