Expo Milano 2015

By Olivia O’Connell, ISA Site Specialist

Milan and its 1.3 million inhabitants will host the 2015 World Exposition – its theme: “Nourish the Planet: Energy for Life.” It will be the biggest event ever to take place regarding nutrition and global health. The goal of the expo is to create a platform upon which the 144 participating countries and other organizations can work together towards a sustainable future.

Expo Milano 2015, which will run from May 1st to October 31st, will not only include exhibits from around the world that demonstrate new, green technology, but also international culinary specialties and gastronomic delights that aim to showcase each country’s unique cuisine.

Attention will be devoted to demonstrating how different industries play a role in pollution, how politics are involved with our planet and how food is distributed and produced.  Forums will aim to encourage worldwide cooperation and to propose solutions to topics such as how to provide clean water and food for the world’s growing population, the decrease in biodiversity and food insecurity.

Milan Mall at Night

Visitors to the Expo Milano will be able to taste each of the participating country’s dishes, observe international debates, view cutting edge environmental electronics and drastically expand their knowledge on global green policies.  The orchestrators of the expo want to allow visitors to play an active role in the events and exhibits that will take place, creating an atmosphere of true collaboration and universal teamwork.

This is not Italy’s first time hosting the World’s Fair:  Turin and Genoa have also played host to world expositions and this will be Milan’s second time as the host city.  Milan’s first fair was in 1906 and the theme was centered on transportation, which at the time consisted of the expansion of maritime passages and railway systems. Those present at this year’s event will see how far humanity has come since Milan’s first exposition and hopefully Italy will be the bearer of many more to come!

Visit the Expo Milano 2015 website for more information about the event.

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