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Cori Cummings is the Site Specialist for Morocco, Jordan, India and Greece

Greece is more than the birthplace of democracy and the Olympic Games. The allure of the country’s delicious cuisine, pristine beaches and endless adventures will make an traveler out of anyone. Although Greece offers a gorgeous, dream-like environment for travel, at ISA, we’re excited about a few things that the typical tourist wouldn’t get to experience.

The second largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki is one of the top destinations in Greece for tourists. But while most tourists simply come and go, ISA students will dive deeper into the local culture in the entertainment capital of Northern Greece with theaters, shopping, archaeological and modern museums, music and cuisine all at your fingertips. The city is also making improvements to make the city center more pedestrian-friendly, and improve the waterfront promenade giving students the opportunity to see Grecian democracy first hand.

The American College of Thessaloniki
The American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) is one of only six institutions outside of the United States to be accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. Because of this, the academic standard at ACT is among the best in Greece. ACT offers courses in a wide variety of majors such as business, computer science, international relations and even offers a sailing class.

On-Site Staff
Spilios Osoffsky, the ISA Resident Director in Thessaloniki, offers a wealth of knowledge for ISA students as they arrive. He will help students adapt and experience the city creating a fully immersed study abroad experience. Spilios will help inform students of numerous activities taking place throughout the city and the surrounding region in order to help facilitate cultural immersion and interaction between locals and ISA students. Additional announcements will be sent throughout the program informing students of opportunities to become more exposed to and integrated with Greek culture.

Exciting New Excursions
ISA students will go off the beaten path and experience some of the most fascinating and culturally significant sites of Greece. Students will walk the grounds where world renowned saints preached, explore ancient historical sites and relax in a uniquely Greek, Turkish-style bath house for a unique cultural experience.

Scholarship Opportunities
ACT offers numerous scholarship opportunities to ISA students who are interested in studying in Thessaloniki. For more information about those scholarship opportunities, check out the Host University Scholarship section of the ISA website.

For more information on the Business, Arts, Science & Technology program at ACT, contact the Greece Site Specialist or the Greece Program Manager.



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