Basque in the Beauty of Bilbao

Stephanie Casas is an ISA Site Specialist for Spain. Stephanie works with students studying abroad in Bilbao, Granada and Valencia.

Nestled on the Northern Coast of Spain, Bilbao is off the beaten path – a hidden gem that not many people think of when they think of Spain. The capital of the Biscay Province, is most known for the iconic Guggenheim Museum, but what else is there?

Beyond the modern titanium structure that stands across the river from the Universidad de Deusto and ISA office, students are able to experience an abundance of art, exquisite cuisine and natural beauty. Wonder if Bilbao is the right choice for you? Here are some reasons why you should spend your fall semester in this beautiful city!

1.    Architecture – Bilbao boasts a stunning display of modern and classic architecture by architects such as Santiago Calatrava and Frank Gehry.

2.    Pintxos – The Basque Country’s own version of Spanish tapas.  They are inexpensive, diverse and delicious!

3.    Entertainment – Beyond the endless opportunities to see art exhibits at the Guggenheim, watch theater performances at Teatro Arriaga or catch a concert in the park – Bilbao is one of the four Spanish cities that will host the first phase of the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

4.    Nervión River – Every semester, ISA students kayak down the Nervión river. If you aren’t interested in kayaking, you can always walk along side it’s banks and enjoy the old city.

5.    Coastal Cities – Bilbao is a short metro ride from the coast. You can surf at some of the world’s best beaches. Get excited for the included excursion to San Sebastian and Biarritz!

6.    Academics – The Universidad de Deusto is one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, not to mention the first business school! Students can chose from a variety of courses ranging from Business to Gastronomy. All language levels are welcomed.

We’re accepting applications through October 1st, so there’s still time to apply to venture to the Basque Country!

Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

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