Decision Time: Choosing Your Study Abroad City in South Africa


Post updated October 2015

Langa Mchunu is a former ISA Site Specialist for South Africa. 

Not sure where in South Africa you want to study abroad? ISA has two unique cities to choose from. Here are a few tips on just how to make that decision.

Cape Town

Why it’s great: Second largest city in South Africa with a cosmopolitan vibe and natural beauty

Perfect for students: First-time travelers

What’s unique about this city’s university? The University of Cape Town is the oldest and leading research institution in Africa. The first doctor in the world to perform a heart transplant, Dr Christiaan Barnard, is UCT’s alumni and the institution has produced three Nobel Laureates. UCT is the only institution in South Africa that attracts a tremendous number of international students.

Great for students hoping to take courses in: Social Development Studies, Politics and African Studies, Performing Arts, Marine Biology and Environmental Studies and more.


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Port Elizabeth

Why it’s great: Known as the “Arts Capital of South Africa,” Port Elizabeth is a medium-sized city with a thriving arts and theater scene.

Perfect for students: Students looking to study abroad by the ocean. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University is within walking distance of the Indian Ocean.

What’s unique about this city’s university? Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University offers Sport Science Courses and is the only institution that is located the closet to the ocean. Offers a Service-Learning course

Great for students hoping to take courses in: Sports Science, Marine Biology and Service-Learning.


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