The Pooches of Paris

Evie Sue Ward is a student at Iowa State University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Evie Sue is currently studying abroad with ISA in Paris, France.

Since this is my first blog post as a featured blogger for ISA, I think it’s important that you get a closer insight as to who I am. One thing you should know off the bat: I’m a total dog person. To the point of obsession. We’re talking Facebook profiles for my dogs. I don’t apologize.

I don’t know where 101 Dalmatians was set, but if wasn’t Paris, it should’ve been. I’ve only seen 1 Dalmatian thus far, but in the week I’ve been here, I’m certain I’ve seen at least 100 other dogs. On the street, in the métro, even in some posh shops, Parisians don’t seem to have any restrictions on where dogs are allowed to roam.

A note to the wise: the French don’t seem to take well to strangers taking pictures of their hounds.

One time I had to ask a lady who brought her dog into Target with her to leave. This was not only a little awkward, but completely heart breaking since it was a little miniature dachshund! If there were Targets in Paris, they would simply ignore this bullet in the guidebook. I saw this woman entering ZARA in the Champs-Élysées the other day. The Champs-Élysées is one of the most posh parts of Paris. I had never seen a Cartier, or Louis Vuitton store in person before, but the Champs-Élysées of course had both. I was nervous to touch, or even breath on any of the expensive merchandise, when in walks a lady with her adorable little terrier. I had to snap a picture, which elicited me a glare, but it was worth it. What a cutie!


I met this sweet little guy on our way back from Versailles on the RER, (the railway that takes you in and out of Paris). I learned from previous experience to ask before taking a picture. His owner seemed to think it a little odd, but helped him pose none-the-less. The French don’t seem to mind dogs on the train, but be warned: Feet on the seats will earn you a 45 € fine!


The one exception: Cafés! Parisians don’t seem to like to have animals in the same places they eat, which I suppose is understandable.

The fact that dogs are allowed almost everywhere just tells me that this is the perfect city for me… and that I should have snuck Bosco onto my flight.

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