Lost and Found, Discovering Prague Through Photo

Benjamin Ward is a student at the University of South Carolina and an ISA Featured Blogger. Benjamin is currently studying abroad with ISA in Prague, Czech Republic.

You would think getting lost from your group within your first couple days in a foreign country would be terrifying but believe it or not it is pleasantly fulfilling! For the beginning of our program the ISA staff members took us on an orientation around the city to get our initial thirst for everything Prague temporarily quenched. The tour was great we touched on everything between the bustling Wenceslas Square and the mystifyingly beautiful Old Towne Square.

Beautiful theater in Namesti Republicky. Our first stop for orientation!

I am very lucky to have arrived in Prague during Carneval e Praha. It is a Bohemian festival that stretches for 12 days dating back to Medieval times and celebrates “human joy and gregariousness”. Our orientation was passing through Old Towne right as a parade for the Carneval was happening. Being an adamant photog (and child) I got distracted by a woman blowing massive bubbles. When I turned around to find the group I had lost them in the sea of people.

Bubble blower mesmerizing me (and several toddlers)

Initially, I panicked. I ran all around looking for my group but when I realized I should take this time to enjoy the Carneval, I couldn’t have been happier to have gotten lost. I got to enjoy the extravagant parade riddled with classical and whimsical costumes and characters! I went from being in the community of my orientation to the community of the Prague people and other travelers enjoying the show!

Silly clown before he went on stage
One set of several parade walkers
Woman mounted on her fake ostrich

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  1. Mr Ward,
    Seems to me you should be more careful about your where a bouts. Your parents would be very worried about you if you became lost for days.
    Mr Deuce

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