ISA Alumni Interview: Jada on Why Going Off the Beaten Path in Spain is Totally Worth It

Kayla Dummer is an ISA Site Specialist for Spain. Kayla works with students studying abroad in Santander, Sevilla and Valencia.

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What makes Santander so great, you ask? We’ve turned to and ISA Santander Alum, Jada Taylor, to share her experiences. Jada studied abroad in Santander during the Fall 2012 term. She recently graduate from North Caroline State University.

Jada: “It only took one look at the ISA website to decide that Santander, Spain was the place for me. The smaller size of Santander makes it easier to learn the place and establish relationships with the locals. The landscape of the beach and mountains are to die for, not to mention the beach is only a ten-minute walk from the University. I’ve also never felt safer in a city than I do in Santander.”

Excursions around Spain:
“The excursions we took with ISA were absolutely AMAZING. They were day trips almost every other weekend and were opportunities I probably wouldn’t have ever gotten if it weren’t for ISA. They also served as fun time to catch up with the group members and reflect on experiences each week as well as shared the many different things we were learning with each other.”

ISA study abroad in Santander, Spain

Housing in Santander:
“I chose a Spanish homestay which has probably been the greatest part of the trip. I would not feel fully immersed into the culture, nor would I learn as much about the culture if I was not staying with a host family. They have been the biggest influence on learning and speaking Spanish.”

Classes in Santander:
Business courses in English? Check. Spanish Language and History courses? Absolutely. “The classes offered at the UIMP are absolutely wonderful and the teachers are highly appreciative of the fact that you are abroad. The teachers are one of the biggest influences on meeting locals and being aware of social events happening around Santander.”

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Cultural Activities in Santander:
“Each week while in Santander we have an optional cultural activity. The cultural activities ranged from learning to cook Spanish meals to touring local establishments around Santander. The friendships you make abroad are those that you will never experience otherwise. Being abroad changes your perception of life because you are in another’s culture and you get to see how they view the world and aspects of life. Nothing can ever fill the place of a trip abroad… especially to Santander, Spain!”

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