City of Wonder: London

Kayla Mugler is a student at Oklahoma Baptist University and and ISA Featured Blogger. Kayla is currently studying abroad with Veritas Abroad in London, England.

“Home” has taken on a new meaning for me since I left for college in 2010. In fact, every year it transforms into something new. My hometown will forever be St. Charles, Missouri, but Oklahoma is also home to me. Each place is dear to me for different reasons. Now, my residence is in London for a term. I can’t honestly say yet if this city will ever be home to me, because living here feels so different than I expected.

London at dusk-mugler veritas
‘London at dusk’. I snapped this right after the lights came on in Central London last Friday. It feels surreal, but I’m so blessed to be here.

I’m still me, yeah, and I do delight in the feeling that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now. But I feel decidedly different; I have so many opportunities unique to my England experience that it’s nearly impossible to retain the type of sameness that I feel at home (back in America, that is). The monotony, gratefully, has packed up and left.

London Eye-mugler veritas
London Eye
I opted to ride the London Eye, because—well, let’s face it, it’s something you have to do. Allow me my touristy moments, please; I do try for subtlety.

That may be what I most wanted from this semester. Even though the last five semesters have almost always been breathlessly fast-paced, I guess I wanted a new level of exhilaration, of wonder—and that’s what London affords me. I can hardly believe I live in this city.

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